Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

Poetry: Epika


Steel thyself, this journey not for the mild

This is the story of the fire child

Revelation infinite here does hide

In rhyming word

Of a soul heard

Prepare thy wit

I kid ye not

No shit

~ 1


O’ silent spark of being 

That point of spiritual origin

Nameless wonder

Conjuring thunder


Eclectic visionary soul

Kaleidoscope goal

Riotess spirit

Loving, living it 


Feeling the presence

But cannot understand the form

Eternal single continuity



No gods, no spirits

What is this?

I’ll never know what you are

Always here, both near and far


Blindly leading

Constant feeling

My only company

Can I trust in me?


Sometimes guiding onto treacherous rocks

Impaling delicate life

Leading fool to tiger’s den

But trust I do, upto and until the end


What are you? My understanding screams

It yearns to see ecstatic extremes

A complex existence

Overflowing effervescence 


Unchanging in the face of my appeals 

This constant in my feels


This positive thing

A hope that sing

A constant note

A soul or something


It has no name 

Always be the same

No label found

Unutterable sound


Call it what you will

There is nothing like it

Words fail

Chasing their tail


Eternal uncovering

Abates the smothering

Return to one’s source

Is your path, your course


Stripping words away

And just observe

The journey served

Right now, today.

~ 2


But alas, there is a sister story

The flickering inner fire

Casting shadows, causing doubts

Unretiring, assaulting the glory


Born from assaults on innocence

Accretions of maleficence

Suffocating, unavigatable maze 

Ego suppressing haze







Chaos of choice

Conditioning intuition

Preventing manifesting

Of actions voice


That choking force, tears apart

The darkening down

The Enigma of life, our crown

Pierces heart


Social divorce

Cleaving propinquity

Everything, anything

Hurting me


This is no god

No inner sun

It has no colour

Nothing, none


Poisoning the future

Filling functions of the mind

Past horrors animating

Attention empowering


To revile life

Anger manifest

Persecution test

Choice strife


Collecting keys 

To escape

Complicating fate

Avoiding simplicity

Attracting confundity

Leaving the present

Enriching shadows

Refuting what follows


So circles begin

Around, around, and in

Ignorance shawl

To hell we crawl

Wears deep the path

Of the growing sociopath


Into depths of self, known

And through the suffering

Somehow the addled mind, grown


Damaged life commence

Infant, teen, adolescence

Abusers hiding common sense

Shielding the real empty defence

Tar covered self

Deprecated mental health

No solace from the abyss

What did eternal continuity miss?


Oh, the long journey

Through that dire anguish

Will one day break the languish 

As dawn is a beacon for the free


The greatest nothing

Phantasm of invention

Keening the mind

Sparring while blind


Suffering through resistance 

Wanting tomorrows

Estranged self

Defensive stance


Pressured from memories mirror

Doubt clawing action back

Stunned into silence



In this dark

Reality is

Others the same

Carry this mark



Coping alone



Lashing out 

Distressed shout

The mire inside and out

Language mills about

Unable to reconcile

The mass of bile



By a world twisted

History, veiled misted

Cruelness and villainy

Within and outside of me

Pain and suffering

Everywhere to see


Psychic spears may pierce the heart

Derision, belittlement, torn apart



So what to do with me

A spell to move reality

Changing the outside

To cleanse inside

Lose the hidden rage

Open the darkest cage

Let the waters flow

Been so wrong

For so, so long

Time to let it go

And seeds of betterness

Now to sow

Learn the patterns

As they happen

And pull apart

The mind and heart

Embrace the furious inventive mind

Accept its ramblings

Of a different kind

Shame caused peace to rift

Wounds that only be a gift

Youth, uncouth

Unaware of the adult, hidden truth


Essence of primate

Escaping enslaved state

Other’s ideas captivate

Surrender to this Universe

Breaking the little curse

Shatter hypnotic trance

Spear your dragons

To the heart with lance

Seize the chance

Educate in silence

Absolve, confess

Engage less in toxic mess

Distance from the darkness

Choosing a harder, higher stress

There’s no shortcut

Time to buckle up

Time to focus

On each step

Not journey end

Small victories

Cut the histories

Create a space

Internal positive face

Momentary awareness

Forgetting all

So a moments less

Breaking connectivity

You must free

New to be

A simpler self

Unshackled layered life itself

Don’t need to train

To feel something simple

As rain

The goal

Bigger whole

Ego dissolve

Shadows resolve



Accept the criticize 

Stop the fight

Let the mind run

For mental health

The usual stuff

Meditative fluff

But with a serious tone

Practice and hone

Or give up

And go home

~ 3


And the final gift

Understanding one’s life

Meaning born from strife

Nature itself unlocks final path

That you will craft

All your choices

Melt the many voices

Years fighting those terror

Was not an error

The cruel path

Give birth to a worthy repairer

Ever keening wrath

Ever present protector

Vigilant detector

Furious, curious

Seeking truth in the spurious

Lifting veils

Wind in the sails

By force if needs be

If all else fails

Abrogate, or Integrate 

Make it holy, or desecrate



Do what you will

Reclaim Elate

~ 4


No simple answer

As to why this light lures

But restoration cures

Lost time returns

Patience, prudence

Profits unturned


The efforts within

Shine out

Peace exudes

That spirit shout


So, may your journey find the way

Of resolution in every way

May your dark times hold a seed of hope

That you find anything that helps you cope

And troubles become a power

That strengthen your tower

The fools that surround you

Become mirrors of guidance

Helping your understanding 

Step over restricting fence

That denial becomes

The internal trial

That liberates

Energy obfuscate 


This silent guide

No name

Why hide

It’s not real

But we feel

Reach with heart

Encapsulate it

Claim it

One with it

All we have

Is spectacularity from nothing