Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

The cynic & the cyclic

Mastery of the negatives

The occult path leads us through some very tangled aspects of the self. We face critical self perceptions that seek to undo our self esteem and confidence. To rise above these restrictive developmental forces, we have to craft our ‘fool’ to become the magician (which become a pair of souls travelling together through life).

We can imagine the magician is in us already present – a blueprint of sorts. As the fool tries to clamber up the tree to discover its secrets, the magician is throwing all sorts of challenges down. He’ll blind us, trick us, throw us off balance, and occasionally give us glimpse of what’s possible.

Our own internal voice presents us with dire self perceptions. Regulating our journey through these restriction. Why are they there? Why not just let us be the magician from the first day we hit the tree?

As we journey, we find that each experience can offer us a chance to learn something extra about our hidden nature. This is a form of spiritual gate-keeping, stopping inexperience from climbing too high up the tree and misconstruing the meanings behind various paths. The fool may try regardless, but the lack of knowledge will usually send them crashing back down as they are unable to grasp various branches.

The eventual goal is to live in harmony with the cynic that lives within us, and give that voice a place where it belongs. It becomes part of our toolkit to work with discernment. But it can become overpowering if we neglect the core message it’s alluding to – and trying to fight with an internal function that has complete access to everything that you’ve done consciously and unconsciously is a battle we’d never, ever win.


The way forward is firstly to forgive those negatives. You can’t change the past, time to get things moved to a better level of self expression. And yes, that is ‘easier said than done’, but that’s the pathway we have to start to head towards. Create your own pathway to forgive mistakes, listen to the subtle messages weaved in the cynics language and start to address that future selfs plans.