Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

About us

This site aims to bring content that is greater due to the sum of its parts. The principle writer has been carried through life by the Qabalah and Tarot for over 25 years, and brings experience from many quarters.

From a great degree of Tarot writing, ceremonial magic, blind faith and luck, the writer has tried to pin down the essence of teaching available through the lens of the Tarot and how it feels placed on the tree.

Patterns emerged, and led to the building of this body of work. It’s a continual process of refinement and challenge to fuse the esoteric into something gritty and tangible.

We aim to recruit other writers who are able to navigate the energies expressed in the tree of life in concrete ways. We are looking for grounded individuals who can keep things concise and simple using the Tarot and Qabalah to express the nature hidden within.

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