Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

18: The Moon, the modulation of self

Here we see a cyclic energy and a glimpse into the working of nature itself. I’m faced with numerous meanings from other books, and only a few elements have ever stuck with me.  The Moon is an awareness and acceptance of the way nature works.  This can put people off from ever leaving the safety of the primordial consciousness; it’s safe to say that if you have managed to reach this far into the book then you are very far away from that embryonic mind-set, and well on your way to being a sharp, bright member of the human race.  I’m padding the ego here a bit because of what comes next.

This Moon card holds a dark truth within it, which is that life is very temporary, and we have to understand the force of nature that causes both life and death while ignoring its finality and meaninglessness (like our sun explodes in three billion years, yeah?).  There’s an overwhelming ‘why bother’ when looking honestly at the very temporary nature of the Moon’s message — we are a pure blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things.

This serves to cool down the fire of the Fool in some ways; it keeps things real and reminds us that we are here for a brief instant. Are we going to cause trouble, or are we going to make the journey bearable for the other poor souls awake on this brief rollercoaster of a ride? 

Life is very simple through the perception of the Moon card. There is motion and rest. This is nature’s way, and she gives and she takes.

Advanced Notes:

This card is instinctual. The Hebrew letter is Qoph, meaning the ‘back of the head’, which alludes to the autonomous functions at the back of the brain. What’s important is how we view this dark automated side of nature. We have to learn to embrace it or face resisting it in our inner world, which would take a lot of energy to fight. We’d burn too much of our own precious time with worry and pent up grieving if we remain focused on that darker side of nature. We need to find a way to move on if possible, to let it out and accept that nature can just suck because it’s on autopilot — accidents happen, and we have little control over what goes on in life.  Regret can really waste decades of our life if we let things get us down.