This Qabalistic Tarot site was created to aid the Western Qabalist with self study through the lens of the Tarot.

We aim to offer grounded methods for understanding the trickier elements within the Tarot, using simple terms where possible.

You are already in possession of the essence that lies behind the Tarot. It seeks to awaken the dormant giant of possibility within the self. We want to help you develop that force of restoration & liberation for the human spirit.

How does this site help?

The texts available on site are written to lead the thought through your own experiences and to recognise the mechanics of the mind that force consciousness to behave in certain ways. This can lead to significant changes of the perception of reality, the past, and present self. All this impacts on your future.

What's the catch?

We offer all of the course material for free. No catch!

9. Hermit

What results should I expect?

The results may vary, but the core goal is to emancipate you from conditioned trauma that resulted in negative accretions building up in your mentality. These can distort thinking, cause anxiety, lead to circular thinking, and a host of other illusions that have a very real affect on our daily lives.

Negative patterns are living thought-forms that literally feed off attention that is invested by you. Everyday life can trigger these responses; reinforcing their presence. We aim to change the way these are understood, and release that negative conceptual grouping of neural networking into something truly useful.

Once you reach a stable clarity, it’s easier to break these patterns down, and communicate the methods to others.