Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

17: The Star, Hope, the spark arrives

This a very real feeling of the driving force behind love, inspiration, elation, and a sense of hope that gives us the drive to go further in life while paying attention to our inner forces at play.  We see a person tipping out water into a pool on most of the cards, and this can show us that we can all add to the pool of human experience through the will to help others.

A heightened sense of understanding gives us options to express our nature in a beneficial way to others.  The path (for most decks) connects Venus to the Moon; this can mean that our deeper love manifests a positive image within our dreams or feelings, as the Moon’s sphere is the internal projection of our feelings, a pool for the emotions to play in, and the place dreams are experienced.

This is a positive card, but it can get a bit twisted, Venus lets us experience reality via perceived feelings and if we lack filters it can become too much.  We can connect with others’ suffering more acutely; this is fairly common and in some cases it is normal to wince when we see another person in pain.

Advanced Notes:

The Hebrew letter is Tzaddi meaning ‘fish hook’. In a very strange meditation I found that this could be a baited hook from the higher self, one which offers dreams and promises that may well be an illusion, but which causes us to quest inwards to claim our prize. The journey becomes the prize eventually, and we happily abandon the original baited hook once we see the boundless world into which we’ve been led.