Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

16: The Tower, foundation of personality

This is the most pronounced path we experience from day to day.  This is the war between our heart and head. We are experiencing a problem that doesn’t fit with our idea of how things should be, and we don’t know if we should follow our gut instincts.  This is the internal quarreling we experience when we are having trouble making any clear decisions internally; we’ll be lacking experience, and will have no knowledge of the strengths we’ll discover as our personality develops in the future.  Our mind flips between a  mental or emotional state of being where feelings and thoughts don’t want to co-operate for some reason.

To get beyond this path within the self a plan has to be made, and a peace has to be reached. 

We have to understand that thoughts affect our internal emotions. By learning to still our mind the internal waters of the emotional world can become still for a while, and we’ll get better insights into the war between these internal areas.  As we meditate more and slow the overthinking, we will tap into a natural intelligence beyond anything we are aware of now.

The intellect that is trying to constantly figure things out hasn’t got enough information, and views itself as superior to the heart.  The intellect adds to itself and accrues; it could almost be seen as looking down on the heart as though it’s some primal throwback that is useless in society.  A few mental breakdowns later and we realize that the heart is all we need to feel right in the world, and we’ll find our progression through troubles becoming simpler from that position of peace.

Advanced Notes:

The Hebrew letter associated with this path is ‘Peh’.  It means ‘mouth’ and is literally the inner monologue, the arguing inside, the mouth of WAR.

The head has to quieten; we can describe thoughts as a wind passing over a still lake and that in the middle of that lake is wisdom. We can only hear the advice it gives when the lake’s surface is quiet and flat.