Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.


Who are you?

People are drawn to the Qabalah and tarot for various reasons, but share some similar questions & motives. We desire to uncover our secrets, to empower ourselves and others, and to bring about beneficial changes.

Part of us knows that by changing ourself we impact others, and this is a very important quality to cultivate for the sake of our possible futures. The past impinges on this desire to change to some extent, and we may struggle with our ability to move in certain ways throughout life.

We can struggle to change our pathway if our outside life is in disarray. This is a harder situation to navigate, and a huge issue for some to find the presence of mind to be able to navigate through life while under various pressures we feel are unjustified.

We are also trapped by time moving in one direction. We can only act accordingly to our previous knowledge and experiences. This presents us with an almost pre-ordained version of reality, a concept that we have to free ourselves from to be able to push forward with nurturing the self, and to be able to act to the best of our ability.

Our self development can be diminished from various forces. We have to stand back and focus on our positives, push through the troubles that face us by using the tricks we pick up from Qabalah.

What is in you?


The wisdom that gets unpacked over the years of study allude to a greater part of ourselves expressing itself. Getting connected to this part of the self is akin to balancing on the head of a pin, attacked by 4 forces that seek to get their moment of control over the self.

The various forces and their varying states are conceptualised within the Tarot. The Tarot is a huge lockbox of human knowledge and inspiration waiting to be discovered. Our own experiences gain depth when the cards are used as a lens to view the miracles in plain sight from what can seem innocuous happenings.

We contain many potentials, some might be accented above others, or even driven to an extreme as a lure to instigate questioning the self in others. The abilities contained in the mind are still being discovered, and some augmented by new tools that require new skills. Some may find that they can’t walk on water, but quite able to flip someone’s thinking through the power of words, art, music, and a host of other talents.

We have to follow our instincts to discover what we can, and try what we can to see what our mind is receptive to. We must challenge the self to move forward, breaking outdated limitations placed to protect an older mode of life, being aware that what our mind is currently is an old model, built from yesterday.


We are not alone in this journey. We need to understand these drives to understand shared common goals, dreams, desires, and instincts. 


Know thyself

Once we have accumulated a fair degree of self knowledge, we can start to witness our mind struggling with the smaller parts that catch and pin our attention to a moment of struggle.

We’ll be able to navigate trickier traps that await in the mind, to inspire and motivate ourselves, and free ourselves from the self imposed slavery. 

Our growth comes from both gentle guidance, and earth shattering catastrophes. Our understanding can be highly contradictory, random, meaningless, creating illusions to get us lost within consciousness. Our minds is able to create phantoms of ideas, negatives from positives, sadness from happiness, and all in between.

So throughout this site, you’ll be able to use the texts for reflection on the self. The Tarot is not being used here for predictions, only for unlocking the untapped knowledge contained in our experiences.