Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

Hail dark sister

“Hail dark sister, feet trapped in ice, heart trapped in time, mind trapped in the depths”

Laws of Detraction

Opposite of the lighter parts of the self, opposite to the endless joy, opposite to our higher functions, there is the sister to ourselves that when energised by dark matter that occurs in our life can become a static, heavy force that pins us down.

Not only does it cripple its owner, but also begins a process of detraction through interactions with the outside world. The sister attempts to bond by the pure opposite of the normal healthy interactions in life (when the light is king within the self).

It is hard for the dark sister to see a pathway out of this mire, because it’s not meant to. It has become a separated part of the self, and a function unto itself; meaning it is yet to integrate into the self fully.

Imagine a set of scales. The light and positive are literally weightless (nearly, but a minute, near imperceptible difference), dark matter is always going to tip the scales until the will of the person decides to force the scales to balance. Some errors we make are to balance through means that are unnatural, such as forced behaviors rather than natural opportunities to manifest better parts of the self. The scales are a cruel illusion of separation yet again, as they don’t offer a path to unity within the self, but rather another form of division.

The mind is keen to separate things, and this feeds the dark sister endless perceptual illusions to keep its power, and animating the energy in three key areas in the self.

Feet trapped in ice (Hod)

Past negative emotions become as crystals within the self. They are replayed as they were, damaging the foundation that we should be comfortable with within the self. These cold mirrors never cease, never disappear, because they are held in place with use, or buried with fear (another active energy within the self). As soon as the dark sister loses her grip on control, the dam breaks and all the material escapes, trapping the mind in a hall of mirrors.

Heart trapped in time (Gebruah)

The memories of abuse, external threats reside here. Called the red room, these memories are trapped and replayed, or the perceptions of the current threats in the environment are built here. Towers of imagination are built to house all the fears, and affirmed through projection. As the soul travels through time, it can see either abundance, or desolation.

Mind trapped in the depths (Binah)

Here lies depression. The soul is buried under the depths of all the heavy matter. A process of compression. But imagine if you will, that energy like this will be of use one day – this is not a process that is destined for total corruption, or suicide. This is the forge which hammer blows hit the hardest.

How to attain unity?

The use of pure will, summoned power from within, self trials to aspire to new heights of cleaner behavioral patterns, challenges that uplift, a pure fight to apply the lighter parts of the self, with the dark sister as an ever present guardian against the manifestation of the darkness in the world at large. This is a key to self knowledge. The dark sister shows us the dark corners that can occur within the self, and must always be acknowledged – but also not taken to heart, as it is but an actor playing a part to educate the self to step up the ladder of self development.

Being in a true centre requires that we cannot, and must not be pulled (magnetised) to one side or the other internally. In some respects we surrender our inner positive and negative selves for the sake of peace, which allows us to become something greater, freer within. We become a unity of nothingness, a new clarity of view to life experiences, a return to a form of wary innocence. The inner child recombines into a spectacular phoenix.