Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

The leaden state of life

The dark, dark world

Saturn is attributed to the metal lead, and also the path of Tau.

When we are divorced from the light, our minds take on the density and nature of lead. Heavy, dense, blackened. Life, time, purpose all come to a halt and feels as though everything possible has come to a standstill.

This is not the perfect stillness of a center, but our energy losing its momentum and coming to a standstill.

These veils are impenetrable, or so it seems. We are put into holding rooms within reality. No sight of what the future holds, no hope to cling to. It’s not so much a depression, but more the very moment the light gets hidden.

Connective disruption

Communication breakdowns have the same affect. When our pathways to our social connections are disrupted, we cannot proceed with our minds vision of where we should be going, or how we develop. It’s in those moments that we experience the directionless darkness within the mind.

This can lead to anxiety and lethargy. A person loses their will to act, and the following stasis leaves them languishing in  this nulled state. The remedies are numerous and simple, and a behavior that is key to survival; We must act, we must make ourselves move – write a poem, do some art, go for a walk. Motion dispels the mire we can get stuck in, and the more we activate ourselves in these dark places, the better we get at bringing the light back to ourselves and others.  


The importance of motion

When faced with overwhelming odds, this is the catalyst for what is often called the great work. We face an opportunity to challenge ourselves in one of our quarters – be it mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

As we keep activating ourselves in these leaden moments, we start to truly define what we are, and how we want to develop. These challenges feel like the most impossible places to rise from, but are just little steps towards a self that is much more expansive.

As the mind physically matures in itself we tap into many new ways to express our nature. But there’s a gatekeeper of sorts present. Saturn doesn’t like repetition, it seeks the spiral in nature – the ever changing and developing self.

Actions of the higher

This is where there is an opportunity to aspire to be more of the qualities you want to mimic or appropriate. The root of this being our reinvention into something greater. We are not lifted by dazzling lights and dizzying highs, but forged through hellish pathways, tests of faith, and utter darkness. If we are to become light bringers, then we must be able to conjure light when needed in all situations.

We should always aspire to do a little better than before, create less mess in our social connections, and harmonize with others. This process helps round the persons experience into that of a mind ready to receive clearer messages on how to reach the lofty goals of our spiritual ambitions.

That is the silver lining to the dire melancholy. As we summon the will to aspire, we get ever closer to our true natures, and the development starts to almost become set to ‘auto pilot’. The conscious mind will always prick our hearts should we fall off the path too far.