Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.


When initially approaching the Tarot, we can get overloaded with input. We can become crazed sleuths hunting for some little clue that takes us closer to some universal secret.

Without boundaries, without structure, we can become lost in the dirge of thoughts that arise from trying to connect all the spurious sources of information in regards to the tarot.

The tarot comes into our world like a whirlwind, and before we know it we are whisked off to a very different world of understanding.

The potential is that we can escape the confusion by creating a new order within the self. This is the whole ‘self help’ process that is both long and arduous (but not without its rewards). To ground this potential, we begin with wrestling with the baggage of our old self, our preconceptions and notions about how we think the world works. This process will be harder at the start as our spiritual journey is just beginning, it’s as if we are trying to listen to a distant whispering voice. The core purpose of the journey is the understanding of that voice, and the many parts of the mind that mimic it.

When we refuse to listen or acknowledge parts of the self, we start to stifle the drive to become playful, agile creatures of expression. We can become rigid and frozen in place. Situations like this can cause imbalances, which them themselves are an opportunity for teaching.

To truly understand ourselves we have to see what makes us tick. Nature has a habit of taking the tarot reader on fantastical journeys where our old lives can be shattered, and new vistas of emotion, thought are rendered within us. Sometimes we may catch ourselves saying ‘This can’t get any worse’, only to watch nature oblige and show us how deep the terrors can go. These huge imbalanced happenings show us our scope, and one day we may resonate with someone who has that look of crisis in their eye.

Over time, we begin to make better choices about what impacts us spiritually. The people we love around us, the love we give, and the way we treat strangers. This core is what the ego can defend (even when it shouldn’t!), and influences should be watched carefully for that hidden teaching, before it becomes natures screaming voice.