Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

0: The journey of the Fool

In the beginning…

There is a state of mind where we start our spiritual journey, and will return to over and over throughout our life.

We aim to remove as much clutter from our thinking to grasp what the Fool fundamentally expresses, our unique source that we sit in silence with. The Fool sits happily in the presence of spirit.

The truth about the nature of the Fool is a child-like simplicity, an emptiness that can appear in the most manic of minds (but hard to retain during times of stress). There are moments of clarity, but can become lost over time with all the interference the world imposes on our senses.

This is our card of spirit, and on this journey through the whole body of the Tarot, it will travel with us. Each path has to resonate and solve itself against the presence of the Fool. This could be viewed as having divinity itself beside us in each stage, giving us a moment of quiet in the storm of our past, and present experiences.

Mind Altering

As we journey as the Fool, we accrue experiences that change perceived reality. We encounter varying faiths, mind expanding science, dogma, alternate viewpoints, and a host of other mind altering truisms. All this adds to the personality, but the Fool remains unchanged at the core. There is a subtle difference over time though, and through the passage time there is a thread of maturation that can be utilised for coping with the variety of corporeal experiences. Nothing can take that root singularity away from someone, but we can lose connection with it as we become entangled on a path working that ‘hides’ the nature of the Fool that is the solution for the issue at hand – yes, all is naught is a reference to the Fool’s ability to resolve all issue on the tree.

Eventually we can understand enough of ourselves to allow our mind to get out of being stuck on various paths as we experience them, and to rapidly turn them into sacred moments of learning that returns us to the position of the Fool.

The esoteric traps

We will spend some time looking at the ways the mind uses experience to entrap thought, and showing how the paths might be doing this in the framework of your own experiences. Recognising these patterns will ultimately lead you onto a higher understanding of how to move on, and claim the power back from these damaged areas that not only seek to teach us, but to empower us through struggle, turning us into agile, fluid, loving creatures that we should be. You may find that extremes of the self are tested to their limits and beyond, but will only ever be your own mind showing you naked truth about your relationship with reality.

Central focus

The Fool aims to be in a very certain state. Understanding how to establish grace & humility into your being is crucial. Each pathway aims to slowly refine and transform the self into a very pure state. Initially it’s pure by default, innocent, childlike; But time and experience taint this energy, restricting it with layers upon layers of memories from sensory input. To return to this first state is going to be nearly impossible at points, but can be supplanted with another type of mental acuity and purity that means the Fool evolves and returns in a form intended by the higher abilities available for humankind to access.

Core nature

There is a fearlessness within the Fool that comes from a trusting relationship with your base connection to the divine source. We may find that trusting this source leads us into all sorts of situations we can’t comprehend. Some reading this may have been through incredible trauma, and let it be known that the writer and reader share a multitude of pains accrued by the Fool’s journey. Some may hold that trust back, some may be repeating the same painful lessons. This needs to be resolved, and brought to a better balanced form that is more robust.

There is a mania associated with the Fool, and is an unchained, boundless energy that ever seeks to bring the self closer to the altruistic vision of reality. It wants an intense relationship with the divine, and serves that will willingly. It expects nothing, takes nothing, gives everything. This a peak experience of the Fool that is related to the connection of the other primal elements at work that center the self – these will be discussed in due course.

Cyclic journeying

The journey aims to take these energies and mature them into something of a conglomerate of all the other paths and spheres. Once completed, it can relate to each path; So in all aspects of life the Fool can express the higher nature of the self in the right way without causing issues to the person expressing it. The fool learns from the experiences, but is eventually able to see the previous aspects that had failed it previously, by incorporating those pivotal pathway troubles into lens which to view the experiences force upon the self.

If there’s anger, fine. If there’s hate, fine. We all get beaten up by life, we all have our losses, but we have to learn to keep this core part of the self sacred. It is the key for overcoming the grief of what has been stolen from us, and the key for using these energies to be directed in the correct manner. It takes time, but being aware of any cognitive dissonance is a huge step, and helps highlight areas we need to start working through.

This is the literal card for moving forward through all the Tarot, so let’s begin preparing ourselves for this incredible journey.