Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

19: The Sun, how we shine

Here’s another card with strange notions. The card itself is bright and perky, but alludes to a state the ‘seeker’ within us cannot see. As we progress through life we become aware of the deeper creative elements within our self, but we never really get sight of them before we reach them. We are not privy to parts of our mind and its powers.  The Thoth deck shows a key for this perception (or lack of it) with a snake encircling the creative hill we climb through life. We can never see the summit, but we know within our self that through activation of all the different aspects of our own being we can become something larger than ourselves.  It’s almost as if the card should actually be a person cloaked in darkness with only faith in a greater good to guide them.  There will be obstacles and self-doubt, but the creative nature will end up becoming something that feeds back to the personality later.

Let’s say for example that you learn a musical instrument, the journey through the learning brings about many creative techniques to complete what you need to do. You may find that you learn to concentrate in a different way, or hear things in a new way. Our senses and connection to reality gets adjusted, and this affects our future interactions with the World. So there is an opportunity to widen our palette, broaden our experiences to benefit what approaches us. To hack into this further, we should actively seek to bring creative solutions to all parts of our life without fear of mistakes, so to enrich our capabilities.

 This could be viewed as the card of neural plasticity as it connects directly to the mind and emotions, which if manifestation ceases it becomes frozen as the energy dies and travels up to the Hanged Man. So to become a self made person is the mandate for the Sun, as it will enable an ever growing creative force to manifest through our actions in future. So pick subjects that inspire and challenge, and reap the rewards in time.

Advanced Notes:

The Hebrew letter for this is Resh meaning ‘head’, and we can surmise that the head is a seed, and we will benefit by letting it grow to a better potential self if allowed.  The seed itself doesn’t know what it will become eventually, or what role it will play once it has fully grown; It needs only emotions and inspirations to be nurtured.