Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

20: Judgement, the internal choice

You may have noticed that the cards and their meanings have become more tangible as we come down the tree. This is simply because we come across the fundamental parts of consciousness that we can observe with our waking mind; these observable parts are attributed to the lower paths and spheres on the Tree of Life.  We come to the Aeon/Judgement card and are faced with a furious spiritual fire that should belong in the lofty heights of the tree. This is the part of our nature that brings animation and activity. It is the human spirit in its raw form, and the creative force here is unstoppable.  Once the mind is set, the creative juices flow instinctively.  

We send people to the moon, and yet are unable to feed the hungry.  Creativity is blind to external influences (unlike the Moon where it is subject to acknowledging all the horror life has to offer).  This masculine fiery ambition creates with no feeling of consequence when it isn’t tempered by conscience. It is of great use in the arts when a mindless flow is needed to manifest something new, but is essentially an uncontrolled inspirational fire.

Advanced Notes:

The Hebrew letter for this path is Shin meaning ‘tooth’. There are plenty of strange meanings for this and to me it’s the part of the physical body that can’t be destroyed easily. Bones will burn before the teeth, and this makes an apt metaphor for a spirit that can’t be crushed.

Deliberation is key to taming this fire. If creative powers can be controlled and brought into line with the needs and not wants, then we can maybe be saved from the dire consequences of the direction humanity is currently taking.  This is the untamed raw element we let run free. It is a spark that we could do well to douse with the emotional cooling waters of the Moon.