Qabalistic Tarot

The current of liberation, refinement, and restoration of the human spirit through the lens of qabalistic tarot.

21: The Universe, the marriage of elements

So here we are at an ending, or are we? When we reach the end of a process we begin another one, and change our path in some way. If we learn to drive and pass the test, we’ve ‘completed’ that part of our life and passed through the Universe card, but that’s not the end, is it?  Now we can travel around and explore, and that ending was just a beginning.  This is where we can open our eyes to the bigger picture of the human experience. It’s a massive process of continual and gradual changes on many subtle levels across all of humankind and the universe.  It’s a very rich tapestry that is being woven, and we are a large part of enhancing that for others even if we feel as though we don’t have much power to help.  One day we may burst forth from the archer’s draw and hit our far away target. We are not supposed to be active all the time, and sometimes we’ll just watch the flowers grow.

Some of the biggest secrets that were hidden away inside mysticism are that life is actually understandable. People are scared off by the effort involved to do this because they are disillusioned, misinformed, or confused. These ancient methods provoked a backlash from organised religion which sought to control people through manipulation. Most of the natural truths and pathways of learning were painted as violations of the ruling religions.  Many of  these repressions have hindered our collective efforts to improve humanity and its expression of the better nature that is within our grasp as a species.  There are many people in the world who are pushing to bring compassion and humility back to our cultures. The twenty-two paths are a way of looking at ourselves through different lenses, enabling us to become a channel for the expression of our higher natures once we clear out our own collected life experiences which interfere with our head and heart.

Now head back to the Fool, reading the card descriptions in reverse (so starting at Tau / The Universe) and see how the perspective changes as you ‘Climb the Tree of Life’